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With more than twenty years of healthcare leadership experience, Open Door Training & Development offers:

  • The opportunity to partner with a dementia expert who is passionate about enhancing others’ understanding of the disease.
  • Simple, practical tools for providing exceptional dementia care in real-world situations.
  • An interactive, engaging learning environment filled with “A-Ha!” moments that foster the retention of information.
  • Programs to promote a culture of dementia care excellence within healthcare organizations.
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Lori brings expertise, experience, and humor to every one of her dementia seminars and she addresses the hard topics with sensitivity and understanding. Every time Lori is speaking in the Lancaster area, I make it a point to clear my schedule and go and see her. Always worth my time and money! SHE IS FANTASTIC!

- Robert

Open Door Training & Development offers these services:

  • Community Dementia Education
  • On-Site Professional Caregiver Dementia Training
  • Dementia Seminars & Conferences
  • Leadership Training

Dementia Care and Education

With certifications through the Alzheimer's Association and other agencies, we are experts in dementia care, and offer education and support on topics including ways to communicate with individuals at different stages of the disease and how to understand and deal with challenging behaviors.


Teamwork and communication training at Open Door


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