Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Every organization has leaders and supervisors, but most organizations don’t offer leadership training for these key employees! With more than twenty years as a Human Resources professional, Lori L. Dierolf has trained and mentored hundreds of leaders and supervisors in areas such as assertiveness, communication, and team-building!

The best way to learn the “soft skills” of leadership is to practice them in a safe learning environment and receive constructive, supportive feedback from someone who has “been there-done that!” Effective leaders have a positive impact on every aspect of a business, including employee retention, morale, and productivity.


Leadership topics include:

  • “Creating a Culture of Fun in Your Workplace”
  • “Assertiveness for Leaders”
  • “Effective Communication & Professionalism”
  • “How to Hire Long-Term Employees”
  • “HR Basics Every Leader Must Know”
  • “Personalities at Work”
  • “Generational Differences in the Workplace”
  • “How to Manage Employee Discipline”
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