Dementia Seminars & Conferences

Dementia Seminars & Conferences

As a healthcare professional, your time is valuable!  Open Door Training & Development offers regular dementia seminars for individuals who have difficulty getting away from their work responsibilities for an entire day.  Two-hour training sessions are offered in different locations throughout Pennsylvania or can be hosted at your facility for organizations in your local community. Most sessions include CEUs for NHAs and PCHAs.

Looking for an engaging, energetic speaker for your professional group or conference?  Open Door Training & Development can deliver an exceptional dementia presentation that will be the highlight of your seminar! Choose from one of our dementia education topics, or request a dementia-related topic that interests your specific group.


Dementia seminars include:

  • “Understanding the Brain Changes of Dementia”
  • “Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication in Dementia Care”
  • “Use of Humor with Individuals with Dementia”
  • “Walking in Their Shoes: A Dementia Simulation Experience”
  • “The Gift of Music in Dementia Care”
  • “How to Manage Challenging Behaviors”
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